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Interlocking Garage Flooring Tiles by Mototile

Mototile Garage FlooringMototile Seamless Garage Flooring is manufactured in the UK from new, rot-proof, PVC. The floor tile mix is engineered to have a flexible consitency with a heavy 'rubbery' feel and semi-matt surface. Tiles can be laid directly onto any smooth concrete base and as soon as the floor is laid it can be used - unlike floor paint.
The tiles are 100% solid PVC, not foam filled, and the 7mm thickness helps to reduce fatigue, cold penetration, vibration and noise - and they're much better to lie on than a damp concrete floor.
Seamless tiles are available in the following colours and two face designs: dimensions are 333 x 333 x 7mm.
 Mototile Colours
Cointop Garage Floor Tile Diamond Garage Floor Tile

Seamless Fitting

Tiles fit together using firm hand pressure or a non-marking rubber mallet (which we can supply). Tiles interlock continuously on all sides for excellent fit & stability and without leaving seam gaps.

Tiles can be laid onto any hard, level surface including concrete and wooden floors, ceramic tiled floors, linoleum and vinyl. However, they are not suitable for fitting directly over a flexing surface such as carpet or carpet tiles.
Interlocking Floor Tiles Tile Fitting

Easy Care

The tiles create an attractive non-slip surface that is easily cleaned with a brush and sponge floor mop. If major damage occurs, individual tiles can be purchased for replacement or tiles can be re-arranged to hide damage.

Floors can be further enhanced with tile skirting, custom colour skirting inserts, and by combinations of tile colours to create patterned floor layouts.

Most of the colours in the seamless range of tiles are one price so multi-colour floor designs often cost no more than a single colour layouts.
Here are a couple of sample layouts.

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